Learn and EARN MONEY with Gitcoin! GTC Airdrop and Gitcoin Grants 10

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Gitcoin has been in development for years and they’ve created the BEST platform that is the most decentralized crowdfunding platform ever created and it’s built around the most popular blockchain for actually doing anything! Ethereum! Gitcoin just airdropped their GTC token, it was a smart airdrop and Gitcoin donors and users earned ~$1,000 to over $100,000 which is simply an INSANE airdrop and Gitcoin GTC has huge momentum which is why GTC is already trading on the Coinbase exchange. Gitcoin Grants round 10 is going on and it’s an incredible way to support content creators, developers, and many projects in the crypto space, especially those related to the Ethereum ecosystem. Let’s review Gitcoin GTC and how you can learn and earn!

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00:00 Gitcoin GTC the Crypto Kickstarter
02:14 Disclaimer
02:33 ~$1000+ GTC airdrop and grants round 10
03:18 What is Gitcoin CLR quadratic funding
03:50 Gitcoin grants
06:40 Gitcoin Bounty system
07:31 Gitcoin quests - earn and learn
08:32 Flashstake
11:40 Kudos are Gitcoins NFTs
12:35 Earning six-figure salaries on Gitcoin
13:36 Gitcoin GTC review

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Gitcoin GTC review and Gitcoin grants round 10 VoskCoin

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I have learned a ton from the quests. I’ll look for the Vosk Grant. Thanks!

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