LEGIT resellers?

Which resellers have you guys had a good experience buying from?
and any others?

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Telegram: Contact @kaboomracks Telegram: Contact @apextoasics Telegram: Contact @akminerrack

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Call me I got it.

I’m a second for https://apextomining.com/

@Ann is the representative who generally deals with people on here. I purchased my l7 from them and can only say nothing but praise for them and their after service.

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Lolll l7 i got you signed purchase agreement and all unlike these know it all frauds who sit here and talk crap. I’ll stand behind my belief and price. You want legit? Ill sign my name behind it.

I have an eBay store here, please give us a chance

Thanks for your kind word~! We’re trying to do our part. :smiley:

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Apexto is here! Thanks for your mentioned.

Good Day everyone here, nice to see you guys. This is Ann from Apexto(www.apextomining.com/)
Apexto Technology Co., Ltd established in 2010, is a company specializing in Blockchain miners.
We’ve been on this line for more than 8 years and have rich experience in investing this field. We have all brands of miners on sale.
more information PM me please.
Lead Time(Stock): 2~7 working days after payment confirmation
Estimate Delivery Time: 5~7 days via DHL
Shipping Cost: USD15/kg
Payment Method: USDT/Bank Transfer/Cryptocurrency/Western Union
Chat Group: Telegram: Contact @apextoasics

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I’ve had a really good experience with www.badgerlandcrypto.com he is on this forum a lot also @badgerlandcrypto. I’m looking at buying a couple more and will go to them again.

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Past personal experience with venders that have fulfilled orders on machines I have purchased with and are selling @Zhichao @AdamMoyers @printcrypto @jinglemining @alibaba

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I’m sorry for the late reply. What miner do you need? ZEUS MINING sells new and used miners, as well as various repair tools and miner accessories. If you have any needs, please check the website zeusbtc.com, or contact WhatsApp: +8618623251355

I just bought a miner from Apollo, was very easy and quick. USA import tax wasn’t terrible. Just have to remember that it isn’t figured into sale price because it is figured when it arrives to destination country

Guess what, I asked the exact same question few months ago, and no one answered me. Wish you luck.

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Belaymining.com I buy with them always.

the only answers you will get is from scavengers that want to sell you something , not a good place to ask for vendors legitimacy

JINGLE MINING mainly sell ETH/ETC asic miners.
website : jinglemining.com
promotion code : JMNC
Thanks a lot.