Let's discuss our deam machines for 2022!

So as some of you may know I have not been on this forum in a long time as I’m a new member, but it’s truly my go to place. I don’t have Tiktok, Facebook or IG so I go here when I am bored to learn, or get heads up on asic drops. One thing I like to do is write down my plans and goals for the year for the mining company I call “ByteHash Blockchains”.

Let’s all drop our goals on the miners we want to buy for 2022 and make it a goal that is succeeded!!

My first 2 buys where from @Master3004

1: iBeLink K1+
1: S19 Pro 110TH/s

My goal for 2022 is:

1: Goldshell KD6
1: Goldshell CK6
2: S19 Pro 140 XP

That is goal for 2022!!

Now, let’s here yours!!!

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Wow you spent $$$ on high valued items! I’m looking forward to get KD6 and S19XP

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I think kd6 and S19XPs will be the beast machines of 2022! Good choice! Can’t wait to see what bitmain or goldshell comes out with for the 2023 line up!

I’ve ordered one K1+. Hopefully I will be preordering a KD6 next week and ordering a second K1+ soon after. My goal for 2022 is to have a significant business loan by end of summer to place a large order.

3 new mining farms are being built in my small Western KY city right now. One will have close to 20,000 S19s. The larger one is a Chinese company that will have 24000+ miners but I’m not sure of the brand. I hope to emulate them but on a much smaller scale.

Edit- I also plan to get 10+ helium miners. Virtually no coverage in my area so I will be working to convince as many people as possible so we can build the coverage.

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SOLID set up!! Those 2 rigs are alone are beast.

I will say I am not a fan of China coming to America to mine under us. Don’t know why our government is allowing it. The money they make is just being sent back to China WHILE using our energy.

I even shunned Chinese mining companies like SOS when they had hype. I stayed far far away and was buying mining companies like MARA and later HUT8.

I respect China for making the miners but dang it’s frustrating!

I learned earlier today that Kentucky has the second most miners in the country(18.7%). Big tax incentives went into effect in July. But you have to be over 200,000kwh/month to qualify.

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Yeah that’s for the big boys, but who’s to say we can’t get there!! I remember when Marathon Digital was a baby, didn’t even mine sha256.

I bet you texas came in 1st on miners held?

Forget about all those big operations. All you need is 5 KD6 in your garage and you’ll probably beat all those S19s lol

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HEY:>… WHO TAGGED ME… :thinking: :thinking: :shushing_face:… I WILL BE GETTING MYSELF kd6 while its LOW at the moment also … CANT go wrong with it… that thing will be 70-100k proly by april

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Good idea Steven, buying them now is like eating brownies straight out the oven.

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I will continue my s19 100TH and 1246 85 buildout most likely.

If I were bullish on kadena I would get a kd6 pre-order. I’m just not that bullish long term on KDA.

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That would be pretty bad ass! I told my self not to go to heavy on mining 1 algorithm JIC. I want to keep my algorithms like my portfolio, balanced for some risk but not to little or to much!

There are time Easglesong is making way more than Sha256 but then there are time it sucks! But a couple CK6 could be a good mix to add!

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BtC will always be around so your machines will will not become a paperweight as fast!

Guys where do you preordre the kd6? Legit site thanks.

And I have also a open topic, please look at it. It will help me a lot to start with mining

My dream is that my l3+s are still profitable throughout 2022 :wink:

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Do you have your L3+ on nicehash?