Let's find a solution to these fake/scam VoskCoin pages

The page shown here, is the authentic VoskCoin page on Facebook. The other TWENTY-FOUR pages, are all fake/scam pages. As you know already from reading this forum, the VoskCoin team deals with this issue every day, and - despite being contacted directly - Facebook is unwilling to do anything to assist with shutting these pages down. Evidently, they could care less about people scamming others out of their money.

So, how do WE do it? How do we find these people without the help of Facebook? Who do we go to over Facebook’s head, to get this addressed?

Vosk and his team do a lot to help us all out, and to provide a place for information to be disseminated and exchanged. Let’s pay that back, by helping them solve this problem. Give me your thoughts and solutions… not your “It can’t be done”, or “Why do you care” responses.

Thank you.

P.S. I’ve already reached out to my resources - Network Security Specialists, Engineers, and Ethical Hackers - and I’m waiting to hear back from each of them.

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Well, one less. They’ll replace it soon; but, it’s one less. I personally posted a scam alert on all 24-pages, and reported all 24-pages to Facebook. In addition, I am repeatedly messaging these pages. I plan to maintain my campaign, until these scum find their mission no longer feasible to continue. It would be easier if I had an army of people supporting my efforts; but, I’ll do it alone if need be. Forwards. Always forwards.