Linqminers is 100% a scam VOSKCOIN SCAMMER ALERT


Linqminers is a scam, do not lose your money with Linq miners, Drew Vosk and VoskCoin has never and WILL NEVER USE it is 100% a scam.


daaang… ya like them that much , huh… loool :thinking: :crazy_face:

new attacking

WARNING!!! come back with new website!!!

e = Linqminers

Among other things, European classifieds sites advertise mining equipment that is hard to get even from the manufacturer at below market value! Many palimadors fall for them, as I was a beginner I was the same! They log in on Watsapp with fake ID, pretend to be someone else, give you fake TRACK NUMBER as if you can track your non-existent package! Turks probably, unscrupulous liars… I was ripped off for 3000 dollars…
They are counting on the fact that if you have already paid more you don’t want to lose and will pay more…

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