Linux Help only one GPU recognized

I am having issues with window’s crashing when running more than 7 gpus so wanting to try switching to Linux (Ubuntu) but when i tried it was only wanting to recognize 1 gpu. Can anyone help shed some light on what the issue could be or recommend a different distro?

With over 7 gpu’s is it Windows that crashes or the motherboard won’t boot???

Sometimes Power Supply stability prevents motherboards from booting once you reach a certain number of video cards.

As you increase the number of gpu’s the drivers take longer to apply and you may see the gpu in device manager but not in MSI afterburner. Once the drivers are completely loaded, you will see the gpu’s in both.

I boot with 12 nvidia gpu’s in Win10pro, no problem

it’s a program stability issue with windows 10. boots fine but crashes/freezes after 24 hours if im lucky enough to get it to last that long. I’m running RX 5700 XT OC cards. temperature is not an issue either as they are well ventilated and cooled. also have individual psu per 2 cards

when you run lspci | grep VGA what does the output look like? Does it show all the gpus? If this shows all the gpus its a software issue. If not its most likely a hardware issue (90% of the time it will be the risers). If you use risers. I have no experience with windows mining so I cant really help there.

EDIT: what version of Ubuntu are you using. I would recommend 20.04. But 16.04 and 18.04 should also work

In windows, I find stability issues deal with core-mem freq, and more specifically, the memory clock.

When my rig was unstable, I drastically lowered the clocks and stability returned. I then gradually increased the clocks as long as the system was stable.

I used MSI Afterburner to set the clocks.