Linux OS for mining

What is everyone who is running Linux-based OS using?
So far I’ve seen referenced:

  • SimpleMining OS
  • PiMP
  • MInerStat OS
  • Ubuntu/Debian (or other non-mining specific distro)


  • I’m new to mining
  • not new to Linux and tooling/scripting
  • AMD cards

So far I’ve installed Ubuntu Server 18.04 with latest AMD drivers.
As a new miner, do any of the “pre-built” Linux OSes have significant advantages?
The thought of writing some tools myself to collect data and visualize it does sound appealing… but I wonder if it would make more sense to use a pre-built OS that has some of this already when just starting out, in order to get familiar with it (minerstat seems to have a TON of features, but again I’m a noob). I see some of the pre-built OSes have fees either hourly/monthly etc. Things like overclocking and undervolting are not things I’ve done before. If I stick with Ubuntu I’ll need to do that and also figure out how to monitor things like fan speed and temps.

For those that have tried different options, what did you stick with and why?

I am running HiveOS on a flash drive it is Linux based version but they also have a windows version. I had trouble with others but this one has been super easy to just click what you want to mine and it builds the command lines for you.

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Thanks @MeatyMouse, which others did you try?

I tried smos I had trouble with the command lines

if you like HiveOS, try Hashr8OS

I never heard of but im gonna check it out thanks

Nice! Will check that out for sure. I have listened to the Hashr8 podcast and enjoyed it. Thanks