Linzhi - One REALLY good scam

So, i actually don’t want to type this but i was told this would be the best place to put it. Here goes
I was busy searching for GPU’s like REALLY searching because well you guys know that the market sucks and there’s a global shortage. Here in South Africa it’s harder to come by because the Rand sucks too. Anyways, i came across Linzhi, i cant recall how but i stumbled upon a yahoo finance page that spoke about it too.

I end up going nuts to find where to buy this thing and how much it would cost. I get to and I’m like ok cool coming soon where their shop should be. I’m digging around and get side tracked with work and go search for it again. This time i get to https://lí and I’m like oh wait they do have a store. I’m perusing the store and amazed that they have to actually put up a warning on their site about all the scams going around with their product. So here i am look at how much it would cost if i took from their April stock. I am discussing with the family and checking how we going to scrape together the money because well it’s a good investment.

Few days later i got my brotherinlaw and my fatherinlaw in on this investment on this hardware so we ready to go we just gotta wait a few more days so we all sorted on the finance front. Nevertheless i am still browsing and i come across the video that vosk came across before he uploaded his one. So i recall that the store showed this ladies site to be a scam. So im like wow this lady actually bought from them and then claims to sell these but at a far lower price but scamming you out your money and I’m like she’s pretty sly.
But a few days go by i call up a buddy and tell him what a great thing I’ve come across and how we should really buy it because as ETH is going up the daily reward is off the chart, while I’m on the phone i tell him to Google linzhi so we walking through it together and I’m like wtf that’s strange i could have sworn i seen the link to their store the other day. Nevermind that i tell him; just google it it should be something like and sure enough we find it and he’s getting all excited too because I’m showing how much it would cost and on the calculator sites it shows how quick we can repay this bit of hardware.
At this point we both pretty jacked up and wondering where the hell we going to pull this money out from and make this damn purchase. But i scroll down and i see this ladies video (it was not there when i first found this store some days back) In the back of my mind I’m wondering why they using this ladies video even though they said her sites a scam (i wouldn’t have known this if i didn’t see her video some days ago on Youtube itself)
Anyways i go through filling the form out and at the end they show that credit card purchases have an extra 22% added due to tax and fees and I’m like that sounds shady AF. So i say to myself well I’m not making the purchase i just wanted to see how much the total would be so i know how much we all need to rake together in a few days time when we make the purchase as the Rand to Dollar exchange would play a big part in this.

So i tell myself, while i wait let me go check out some reviews cos surely someone must have started mining with it. So i get to this forum i read through the whole thread and i seen the last post was on the 11th of feb and the guys are all saying their arent sales yet, so now I’m questioning why the hell are guys saying this in feb still while the store has been open since jan. So i need more info and i decide to join their Telegram group. And i get to LinzhiOfficial. But something doesnt seem right, these guys are really pushing the sales and how they came across on their blog/site it seems like they were much more informative on their blog but more money hungry pushing sales on their telegram.

So i start digging some more and come across this Reddit page and as i am reading it all starts making sense because yes someone got scammed 13k
It turns out they just changed the first i in linzhi so its pretty easy to miss. And when you go to the scam site it literally a copy past of the original with the exception that the fake has a store and obviously different contact details, but their twitter is set up, their telegram is set up so its a full circle that they put you in. Funny enough the store gives you this false sense of trust because you think they warning you about scammers yet the other “scam site” is also warning you about them so clearly its a battle on who will get more suckers to fall for them so the scammers themselves don’t like competition.
By the way the fake telegram has around 40k people and the original telegram has only 2k or so. Sad to say there’s most likely A LOT more people that got scammed.
Please be careful only use this site hopefully these guys will come out with the product that we can afford and still be up for mining by the time they do. In the mean time, DO NOT GET SCAMMED!! Do your due diligence and rather be over paranoid than sorry.


Yes -unfortunately - it looks like they cloaked the page -and they still maintain that everyone else is the Scammer. Even more worrying is that are sending people to the scam website direct from their page! (It even appears that they have a referral link - -so not sure what the deal is with them.
Not good…

See the moment they reel in legitimate people the harder it is to convince people this is a scam. Unfortunately this is so well done that its easy to be convinced that its the real deal

I have been trying my best, many posts in #mining:asic-mining I have explained this is a scam

But seeing many people fall for the scam just is making me so low like I’m feelin “Why are we still here, just to suffer…” You can use that money to invest in GPUs or just play smart with DeFi

@VoskCoin needs to pin the thread of me with @RonnieDennies504 explaining about Linzhi

Linzhi itself is an sorry state right now, just 4.4 gb Memory and trying so hard to stop ProgPow by Sonia Chen (staff of Linzhi) out which Innosilicon is profitin’ out, not them

If Eth community all of sudden change the algo it would hella fun to smear sand on face of ASIC Miners. Just saying…

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I just created an account because I was scammed out of $1k yesterday and feel the need to help people avoid my poor choices.

It looks like this scammer uses a similar template for their websites.

Look at these:
(note these are both SCAM sites)

There are also several dozens of fake reviews on other sites related to these URL’s. They even have a business registered (or are claiming to be that business) in England (bitmainexpress), including a Coinbase Commerce account (which I am forwarding all my documentation to, hopefully they can track this person or flag their activity).

The people behind this are sophisticated and made significant efforts to lure users onto these platforms. When one account dries up (paypal), they remove it from their site, until BTC deposits are all that is left.

Heads up everybody.

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