Linzhi Phoenix ETH Miner

Anybody have one of theses yet? I found a site thats selling for $13,600 for March batch and was wondering if anyone has one and are they having any problems. This miner is nasty,just like the Ipollo G1, I wish I had the Ipollo,they wanted $26k,alibaba wants $33k for this same miner but don’t know if this page is legit…

Any one wanna chime in?

Even Ipollo is producing similar ASIC to this known as Pineapple V1, Got this info from a chinese guy in their telegram channel, not able to find his chat…

Admin of Ipollo Group

Edit: got the convo
Hashrate - 5800Mh/s - 6000Mh/s (overclocked)
Power 3600W

Much better than Linzhi Miner

It was released earlier with 4.4gb of Vram, hope they updated it
Saw a mention in Red Panda channel

The official Website is is SCAM

Glad you asked it

The video showing Linzhi ASIC is Legit, shared on f2pool website

Their telegram group

It’s not for sale yet…

you can check the stats of their miners here… they are mining for them now :neutral_face:
I think they will start to sell when they ROI their Miners… we the buyers are scapegoats :no_mouth:

‘that’s ~100 miners with an average of 2.5 GH/s each. taking into account that we also have some unstable and R&D machines.’ Printing 20k$/day

Thanks for letting me know,I thought the price was too cheap to believe.

What about this site, if the other is a scam then this definitely gotta be a scam. I ran across this site on facebook…

Everything you come across about Linzhi ASIC is SCAM

Excitment in Crypto leads to Destruction

Okay thanks MRV…

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If I’m right vosk said its real…but just in case here’s another possible scam…I’m leaning towards no doubt it’s a scam but just so others know…

Ronnie, I’m in Destin Florida. I too am trying to purchase a Linzhi Phoenix without getting scammed. ANy luck in locating a trusted source?

Alibaba is only place I deal with but the price is like $40k

I ordered mine on April 26 paid and lost $14,000,
the site is a scam and you will lose your money.
They never confirmed my order or gave me an order number, their email responses
to me are IDENTICAL to the responses to others - Linzhi Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (


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