Linzhi Phoenix SCAM!

After seeing the Vosk review regarding the release of the Linzhi Phoenex and finding similar announcements on reputable site like Nasdaq,, we decided to do whatever we could to pick up a machine for testing and potential bulk ordering.

It quickly became apparent that there were a ton of sites out there parading around as if they -> no they -> NO THEY! were the real Linzhi. Tons of bottom feeding scammers out there ready to take your buck. But never did we think that our money would be lost when dealing with the true Linzhi company - We struck up a conversation with the Admin of the Telegram group which has indeed been deemed to be there main website, representing a company headquartered in HK. This Admin “Daniel” call sign @Daniel_Linzhi Makes announcement periodically saying that there is nothing for sale and that anyone approaching you to buy the machines is a scam. However, we have seen the videos that there are (supposedly) miners out there right now as part of test market.

Well long story short, that very same Daniel with the same call sign is the one I spoke to to setup a deal to get a test one (pre-release). You see I do certain IT testing that could be very useful to their project. So in the good spirit of the conversation, Daniel offered a test unit to my group in exchange for ongoing testing results. We also had to pay a discounted amount for the machine, which was 4k down payment and 4k on arrival.

Well as soon as I sent the first half of the payment (via ETH and BTC), they stopped responding on any of there pages, deleted a sub page called Linzhi Announcements, and deleted our entire conversation. Some of the individual messages that were previously the Linzhi News thread were no longer there as well.

I have been in conversations with people for the past two weeks as well as Werner Almesberger, a lead in Linzhi’s RnD Department. While he did at least make some attempt to talk with me about the subject, which is where I CONFIRMED that @Daniel_Linzhi was indeed the same person that works at the company, he then went on to theorize how it could be a multitude of other things such as advanced hacking technique. Admitting the possibility of Daniel being the clear suspect.

So after much attempting with Linzhi directly, I am now reaching out to the general public to share my experience so that you don’t fall for this shady company. I lost $4,000 - let me loss be your gain by not getting yourself into the same situation! Whichever social media / media outlet that wants to report on this or ask me questions, I would be happy to oblige. I also collected a lot more screenshots that the one I’m posting here.

There are many examples I can provide to backup my story, but I think the most clear and most recent is where I am discussing with Werner the situation and trying to get him to hear me that it was THEIR OWN INHOUSE GUY! Well, he went and verified that Daniel does actually operate by that same ID. This means that either Daniel and maybe some on his team were making off with people’s money with no sign of ever seeing it, or they have been hacked by way of a “homoglyph”. Either way - this company is compromised and I am out $4,000.


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I am not an asic miner I just cant bring my self to buy something that expensive that can only do one thing. I am probably wrong but the entire thing seems to be a little off. The profitability is to high and if it is that profitable why sell them and not mine with them specially since they are in Shenzhen were electricity is super cheap.

Hello! any news from this situation? Right now i’m trying to buy one, but your speak is stopping me. Do you have official and trusted contacts from Linzhi ?

Hi bountyhunt3r - any updates on your situation I am also trying to procure a miner from these guys and Daniel seems the official guy to do it? Would you suggest hooking with someone else? Can you share Werner’s contact please?

Ma alla fine quale è il sito o la persona autentica dove comprare ??accetto solo una risposta da vosk o da chi ha scritto l’articolo per evitare che risponda un fake

Has anyone bought from I was about to buy 65 units from them???

Ormai dopo tutti i siti fake sono molto sospettoso…addirittura innosilicon ha un sito fake…no comment…quello con cui chatto dove mi ha portato il sito si chiama @linzhiminer ed è sempre sto Daniel e parlando del fatto che non vorrei perdere soldi ha fatto per venirmi incontro con pagamento 50% subito e 50% alla consegna proprio come nell’articolo qui …sarà fake anche quello?? Continua pure a mettere post sul gruppo telegram Linzhi Corp…non so più cosa pensare

SCAM!!! They are… Thank God you asked and always check out previous forum posts by using the ‘search’ option… Already discussed