List of hosting services

Hey Vosk community:

I don’t offer hosting services but I’d like to create a general thread here with all the hosting options out there. For the people who need it. Can everyone please list off the current hosting services available that people can use? I will update this post with everything mentioned.

I know compass mining is the most popular.


I’m also looking to find someone to host my Bitmain Antminer S19i recommendations

Good Day. I recently bought a T2T miner to try crypto mining and was hoping if someone could recommend me to a legitimate place who would host it for me.

We are a brand new company located in Florida, backed by the YouTube crypto mining community. Check us out! DM for any details.

BT-Miners is provide hosting service now.

2 things
1: where is your locations located
2: considering you are a chinese owned company what assurances do people have that your US branch (you guys) keeps the business, and records separate from your chinese company counterpart.


I second @AdamMoyers

ColoBros LLC offers hosting services in OH, and we have machines already on the rack ready for sale / transfer of ownership. Website is here: Pardon the formatting issues, we’re still working on the website.

In a nutshell, pricing is based on number of machines and we have different terms for hosting contracts. Range is $0.08-0.09 pkwh depending on number of machines. We have S19j / S19 Pro units (96, 100, 104, 110) for about $18.5 / T so a 100 T unit would be $1850. Transfer of ownership occurs within 24 hours of receipt of payment. We also have some alt-coin miners for sale as well (Siacoin). We can also ship machines to you, if that’s preferred. ACH/wire, BTC/ETH, and credit cards (+3% fee) accepted.

Please DM with interest and we can send you a hosting contract and invoice. Thank you.

You gotta post a picture of your facility since your advertising for it (At least, last I heard)

I have had success with Adam Moyers

All have great support and all in the USA!

Good call – photos will be coming up on the website shortly

Hey guys check us out at

We are a hosting company currently operating in 3 states! We also host GPU’s as well. We are on the verge of a huge rate decrease by Q3-Q4 which make us one of the most competitive companies in the US.

We are also all content creators and crypto miners as well. We offer a full concierge service for hosting with on site repair, servicing, 99% uptime, and 24/7 monitoring and security. Currently our facilities host 1600+ miners with over 2000+ GPU’s.

Ask us anything you’d like. I’d be happy to help!

BSLF Mining will giving you $0.08/kwh or less if you tell them badger sent you.