List of Legit shops to buy miners

Hi folks, anyone could share a list of legit shops where we can trust without being scamed?

So far I know by fact this one its legitimate.

For goldshell:

For antminer:

For bitmain;


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various asics:

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Scammer alert :rotating_light:

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i wouldnt say there is a complete list, but you can check out you still have to do some due diligence with that website since some of the links are shitty companies.
but basic places that are legit (although can be a bit overpriced sometimes) are, and BT-Miners - Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware, Support and Repairs, there are a few others. but in general the rule is, is if its to good to be true it probably is. And if you can pay with credit or paypal than you have some fall back if its a scam.

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I recommend @cryptominernv at Dessert Valley Asics. It took me longer to work out bank issues blocking my transfer than it did for my s19 to arrive once I was finally able to transfer the funds.

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We currently have 29 Used S19 J Pro 104s running for $4000 each and hosted at $.09/kWh.

We have several vouches in here.

I have used and highly recommend @badgerlandcrypto he is very honest and on this forum. He just started a new website You can message him on here as well.

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Agreed. I bought multiple s19 and box miners from him. The best customer service @cryptominernv got updates, even late at night.

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I have used to buy my ipollo G mini and bobcat300. On both occasions it arrived within 48 hours after payment. I’m based in UK tough.

Have bought from Belay Mining Belay Mining
and BT-Miners .

They take credit cards.

They are just get back from holiday so maybe next day or two

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Hello Tesla, sorry for the delay. Our website is How can I help you?
Telegram: Contact @apextoasics Here’s the chat group on telegram, if you have any questions, please feel free to message me. Thanks.
I don’t know which salesman you contacted, and generally, we promptly respond to customer messages even on holidays, so you may have been scammed. (I hope not.) If not, I’m so sorry for not replying to you in time. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure how you can dispute that I sent you a brand new KD Max as you ordered. It was tested and in perfect working condition. It was sent. It was received. And it was brand new. I follow through for my customers so I’m not sure what game you’re playing.

Again, not sure what your guy in TX did, but it was clean when I sent it as the picture shows. PayPal seemed to think I have nothing to worry about.

Talked to PayPal this morning for an extensive amount of time and notes were left on the account. You showed the pictures…mine - with the same # as yours - was clean…yours was dirty. What did I do, scuff it up for fun?

This will be the last I respond. You can disparage me all you want. I’ve sold a number of miners on here an discord with 0 complaints. You trash Ann from asicto for not responding fast enough or in the method you prefer. You say I sent you a brick when the miner you received is so new the serial number won’t be in the system until next week. People on here know me and what I stand for and how much I enjoy helping people, so honestly…fire away. I can take it and all you’ll waste is your time on something that you should be blaming someone else for.

Good day and good luck sir.

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Hey man just heads up if it happens to come back to u break the asic down on his picture it seem one of the screws was taken off and put back on and there have been many problems in past where people buy asic say it’s broken return it but exchange the good asic parts with bad ones so if u get it back break it down makes sure all # match

My reply was for badger sorry since your going to get me started all asic are run before they leave the manufacturer’s so u never get a brand new one goldshell alone runs everyone of there asic for atleast 3 day some for months in the facility and just clean up send as they are new. So in end if you are liquid cooling new or used you must break it down and clean it before it goes in or you just fucked up your whole system. Two you just joined tree weeks ago and you have already bashed Ann and badger that have been here way way longer before you and have helped out countless people on here and discord my opinion you seem like one of those people you can never please

As ps I take you as the scammer not them my opinion again

If you are a seller selling miners using paypal, you are playing with fire and also holding a ticking time bomb. Best to lose a customer rather than dealing with potential customers that will defraud you.