Litecoin price after halving?

Litecoinpool is currently 11.56% of Litecoin networks hashrate at the time of writing, and Litecoinpool only pays out in Litecoin even though it’s merged mined. Roughly 64.4% of profits is Dogecoin and 35.6% Litecoin. Currently a 9.05gh L7 would produce 0.2293 LTC on Litecoinpool so I am just going to go off that. If the halving were to happen today, then 78.35% of profits would be doge and 21.65% Litecoin. However, because every day we can assume that 11.5% of the network will convert their doge and payout in LTC we could see a price rise slowly from that alone? I’m not talking about 200% gains I’m talking 5-20%, or are there other pools paying out exclusively in doge that will cancel that theory out? If I am missing something then please let me know, I am trying to work out how to best position myself for the upcoming halving.



Litecoin normally has a big run up a month or so before the halving. Not sure what the payouts will be, But I have just been merge mining. I think doge realistically has more upside than LTC does.

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I should grab some haha. Yes I agree, DOGE going up 200% is more realistic than LTC doing that. I guess that’s the benefit of lower priced coins.