L7 speed running like dog!

Hi there, just wondering if anyone is running their L7 on and have noticed a massive decrease in speed. I have a 8800 that was running at 6700 yesterday and today 5600.

Normally it runs from 8000 up to 9800 quite merrily.



Hey mate, you mean the 24 hour average speed? I know it sounds obvious but you don’t have a hash board offline? How’s it running on other pools? Cheers

Hi there, thanks for your reply. The unit is run in a hosting site in the US, so I don’t have access to it. The 24 hr speed is running at 6500 as of today. I can change pools either as I don’t have access to it.

I don’t have my L7 here as I’m getting water cooling plates put on so I can’t tell you but it sounds extremely unusual I’d be getting in contact for someone at the facility to look at it


Thanks for your help. I’ve left messages for the guy to look into it for me today and wam just waiting on a reply.

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