Livepeer Transcoding on YieldWallet w/ GPU Miners

Hey Guys,

Not sure if this has been discussed on the forum yet, but we wanted to talk about the Livepeer network which offers Nvidia GPU miners an opportunity to earn an income from Video transcoding in addition to Mining Crypto simultaneously.

The network is still in the early stages of seeing real transcoding volume and now is probably the right time to figure out the details and be ready for when volume hits.

The Livepeer token itself has been on a tear recently as things move into the maturation phase and business development deals start to come online.

We (YieldWallet) run a Livepeer orchestrator and are looking to partner with GPU miners w/ revenue sharing to transcode video for the network. Do reach out to us at or on this forum if you wish to be part of our GPU miner program.

More details here:

Other relevant info: We have a rather large stake of LPT delegated towards us (>76K) at last count which puts us firmly in the top 100 orchestrators (25ish) gives us a proportionately larger chance to win transcoding business than an individual who decides to run their own Orchestrator.




P.S. Apologies for the duplicate post guys. Could not figure out how to cross post here

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this is really cool, too bad I mine with AMD :frowning:

Support for AMD is coming soon I believe and is on the Livepeer roadmap. Will let you know as soon as that happens.

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