Load Average ASIC

Can anyone explain this in a way an idiot can understand? I have tried to do my own research on this topic but when I find something about it I cannot tell if it applies to GPU and ASIC the same. I am not sure what is a stable load average for my miner (L3+). If anyone can help me I would be very grateful.

A stable load is a constant load measured in Watts.

what does that have to do with load average? lol

bump can anyone help me with load average?

i need help I am starting to get worried not knowing what this means

it looks like a healthy Load Average for the l3 is below 3 anything above I think is overloaded other than that I do not know how I can help to lower it or what causes it to rise and fall

okay I am feeling better now as I have ound an article I can understand and it sounds like the Load Average has to do with the processors and how much work they are preforming and whether or not that work load is getting backed up or not. I was afraid it meant they were getting too much voltage or had too much resistance or something. I still do not think it is good to have a high load average but at least I do not have to worry about it burning down my house lol