Location ideas for ASIC miner

Where are your miners in your home? I have my first ASIC on the way. I have a small pantry that’s has poor ventilation and the noise would most likely drive everyone crazy. I also have a basement that most of the time is damp but ok. Very rarely we get a small amount of water on the floor so this area makes me nervous and I worry the humidity will harm the machines. Last idea was an attic space that I could potentially build out for this however ventilation would be a concern. I have my instincts but want confirmation for those who have been here. Thank you in advance for your input!

my miners are inside the garage. i also had to cut a hole to install an exhaust fan to keep hot air outside my garage. i live in vegas, and the temperature isn’t so bad now, but i plan to install an air conditioner to keep it cool for the summer season. if you use your basement, make sure you get yourself dehumidifier and find an area where you can vent the hot air out. if you use an attic, you definitely would have to install an exhaust fan.

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Could you help with where you got your asic miner i am looking at buying a few. thanks

I bought the ASIC from Newegg.com and bought a HNT from Bobcat. Good luck!

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