Looking for a GoldShell KD-BOX

Hey guys

I’m looking to buy a GoldShell KD-BOX as an entry point. I cannot afford to pay reseller prices (almost 2x).
I live in South Africa and it unfortunately works out to over 100k in our currency.

Pretty new when it comes to mining; I’ve only been making minuscule profits from my gaming PC mining ETH at about 44-45 MH/s from a single GPU for the last few months.

Just wondering if anyone has an idea what the restock rate is for the KD-BOX from GoldShell themselves?

I didn’t pick up the recent Christmas Combo sale, it was above my price range and I’m only looking to get the KD-BOX without a PSU.

Any advise or assistance will be appreciated.

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Goldshell’s restock rate has been about two weeks. But they haven’t done a solo kd-box in many drops. I doubt they will since they seem to be using the kd-box’s popularity to sell other unpopular boxes like LB and HS. That’s how I had to get mine.

Thanks a lot, I’ll just have to wait for the tweet then.

I figured as much, guess that is one way of moving stock right.

Did you get the Christmas BOX Combo then? Are the HS/LB boxes even worth running?
I see a lot of people saying the Asicminervalue site is off with what the profitability is.
If it’s not too much to ask can you just ballpark daily profit for the boxes you actually run?

I ordered mine in November, before the Christmas combo.

As for the LB and HS boxes - they are profitable making about $2 a day combined.
The LB is only making a little bit but I find the project interesting so I want to collect the coin. The HS has the ability to mine both HNS and SC which is kind of cool. I’ve mined equally both coins over the last month.

Daily profits after deducting electricity (today’s coin prices):

  • LB-Box $0.70
  • HS-Box $1.33 (mining HNS)
  • KD-Box $17.70
  • Mini-DOGE $1.25

I appreciate the responses. This gives me a better idea of what I’m actually going to get for my ROI.

Only issue I have now will be my latency and reject rate to the various pools.
I’ve checked and unfortunately hashpool is at about 390 to 400 ms. Being in South Africa our latency is always better going to the EU rather than NA or Asia.

I can’t find anyone here that is running a KD-BOX in South Africa so I can get figures. Guess I’ll have to be the guinea pig and but the combo when it comes in stock again.