Looking for a reputable seller

anyone know any reputable miner seller?

I searched for coinminingcentral , bitmain , innosilicon , miners.nl , myminingshop. … on trustpilot and they all have bad reviews with scenarios in which I don’t want to end up.

Go with @coinminingcentral

I’ve ordered a ton from them with Zero issues!!
Some advice, order NEW UNITS. avoid the used unless it’s a model that’s around a year old.
I’m on my eighth invoice and have received every package within 10-12 business days!!
The naysayers are individual instances that are to be expected. I work in Manufacturing and Logistics and NOBODY HITS AT 100%. But these guys are very close. No BS.

Hope that helps ease your anxiety about buying from them. :v:t3:

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I would Trustpilot coinminingcentral. I’d say it’s 94% positive. That’s better than getting scammed and hitting at 0%.
JMHO. Good luck to you.