Looking for a reputable seller

anyone know any reputable miner seller?

I searched for coinminingcentral , bitmain , innosilicon , miners.nl , myminingshop. … on trustpilot and they all have bad reviews with scenarios in which I don’t want to end up.

Go with @coinminingcentral

I’ve ordered a ton from them with Zero issues!!
Some advice, order NEW UNITS. avoid the used unless it’s a model that’s around a year old.
I’m on my eighth invoice and have received every package within 10-12 business days!!
The naysayers are individual instances that are to be expected. I work in Manufacturing and Logistics and NOBODY HITS AT 100%. But these guys are very close. No BS.

Hope that helps ease your anxiety about buying from them. :v:t3:

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I would Trustpilot coinminingcentral. I’d say it’s 94% positive. That’s better than getting scammed and hitting at 0%.
JMHO. Good luck to you.

Bought from asicmarketplace.com, a Mini Doge miner. It took my partner 3 weeks for my partner to send out the SWIFT transfer to pay the invoice, and although the price on the miner had gone up $50 or $100 in the meantime, they did not complain, they honoured their invoice and shipped, miner arrived here in Canada about 10 days later. So I highly recommend them.

@VoskCoin first off thank you for sharing your knowledge we are all in your debt. 2nd please post the approved vendor list (non scam list) for your followers. I’m new to this world of mining but literally seems like a mine field avoiding scammers. Pretty sure we’d all pay you or donate to your charity of choice for a verified list of vendors and resellers from you. God bless and keep it up!