Looking for IN STOCK ibelink K1+

I am reaching out to see what’s out there for a k1+ that’s in stock ready to ship. I have ASICS on order that I believe I will not receive in the near future or, well to be honest never? I am treating this as a buisness and I am okay with waiting 2 months for an ASIC that should be in stock but anything more than that is not okay, unless was stated when ordering. I have to keep this buisness plan going and keep in with achieving my goals on asic count per year which mine is 5 ASICS deployed in 2022.

I REALLY like asicminersus.com. His video on YouTube is absolutely amazing how he gives you so much feedback on your machine and is very TRANSPARENT with everything including shipping. I will reach out to him but does anyone have any other places to look?

Thanks and have a great weekend you all!

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Hi Carl
This guy has them in stock YUAN YE GLOBAL TECH STORE his store link on Aliexpress is Yuan Ye Global Tech Store - Amazing prodcuts with exclusive discounts on AliExpress  .
His name is Frank I have bought all my miners 6 Goldshell from him Excellent service and fast delivery Via DHL.His whatsapp +8617753399777.Access his store Signup with Aliexpress pay trough Aliexpress your funds are protected by Aliexpress buyer protection insurance he doesnt get paid until you have confirmed that you have received the miners if you contact him mention my name Manjit Singh from UK. He does all Brands and he can save you money on ID you can always do a deal with him but remember all ways go trough Aliexpress.


Dude!!! Thanks man I truly appreciate it!

You are welcome Carl , I have sent him a message as well that you will be contacting him like I said do everything trough Aliexpress sign up with them then order there from his store.My whatsapp if you ever want chat +447787343139. I am not a salesman for anyone just doing same as you also with 3 kids Good luck and happy mining have a Wonderful Day.

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Thank you! I’ll reach out to both of you!

I’m going to have to look in to this as well!

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