Looking for trusted vendors and legit sites

Looking for a legit site to buy the Jasminer. Does anybody know of a trusted vendor on Alibaba? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Here you go!

Hi. I am Nico from jinglemining.com. You can visit our website for more information.
We are top seller for Jasminer series. For example:
Jasminer X4-1U profitability | ASIC Miner Value
My mail: nico@jinglemining.com
My Telegraph: @nico_jinglemining
I may offer you a promotion code if you are interested.
Now, we have 520MH, 1040MH and 65MH in stock and delivery in one or two weeks.
Price negotiable. Thanks a lot.

@Zhichao he is quick and great to work with I buy from him