Looking to buy a mining rig

Hi, I’m new to mining but have been into crypto since 2017. I finally have an opportunity to get a “garden” going… I found this rig locally, any help appreciated

Like stated I am new to mining, I have have confidence I could build my own rig but I do know gpus are very hard to find. Thanks

considering theres less gpus in this ebay listing for the same price, I say go for it

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I also run the Asus B250 mining expert mobo, I must say that I love it, I’m currently working on filling up a 12 gpu rack and the motherboard can handle 19 gpus, so in reality I can setup another 6 gpu rack and still use that mobo and have 1 pcie slot left. which is something I just thought about.

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Wow! I posted on a Reddit thread and got nothing but hate. Idk if I’m missing somthing but I’m having a hard time finding stuff that compares in price. Mind I know they are just 10 series cards but I plan on adding more gpus. Also for the peace of mind since if never built or set a rig up I don’t mind pay extra for something I can ultimately learn on. He has receipts showing he bought most of the stuff including the gpus last October.

Yea, I stay away from redit, I’ll browse but I wont post. Building a rig isn’t hard at all, tuning is the hardest part and very time consuming because no gpu is the same, but if all of your gpu’s are the same, they’ll all be pretty close to each other on hash power if you run the synchronized feature on msi afterburner.

As for redit, the flaming isn’t only on there. IDK why people feel like they have to be on a high horse. I for one like to help people and I greatly appreciate those who help me and I pass along the knowledge I get from them to help others.

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if he bought the gpu’s new then they haven’t been ran very long. Question would be is how hard did he push them

He’s been running at 70% and memory at 1300mhz

It is crazy that $6000 is an acceptable price for that rig now a day. Not even 6 months ago you could of bought that same setup for around 2K.

The way I usually look at rigs/cards in mining is the amount of time for ROI. That is especially important with ETH mining as no one truly knows when the mining is going away or how long the profits will stay where they are. If you can get top end of earnings he estimated at 1200 per month, it is going to take you 5 full months for ROI. If you are ok with it taking 5-8 months to get your money back, then go for it and have fun mining. If you can’t afford to wait that long, hold off until there is a price crash on GPUs.

Yes I agree. Update. I purchased it for 5k US dollars. Gunna get it going here soon will update what I’m getting. I have a 3060 and a 1660 super I will be adding right away so it’s should pump my mh a good bit. I plan on selling the 1070s and upgrading slowly.

I got the Dell G5 Gaming Desktop for CAD $1,099.99 plus tax

  • processor

10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-10400F processor(6-Core, 12M Cache, 2.9GHz to 4.3GHz)

  • laptop

Windows 10 Home, 64-bit, English

  • videocard

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 Ti 6GB GDDR6

  • memory

16GB, 1x16Gb, DDR4, 2666Mhz

  • harddrive


  • fallbackcolor

360W Chassis with Lighting