Looking to buy a S19j Pro 100TH miner

I am going to have about $15K to put into an S19j pro and I need a good reliable and safe company to get it from. Bitmain is out of stock and need another good source. Hit me with the goods my friends and fellow miners!!!

I got you bro. Bitmain S19J pro 100th | ASICS | Worldwide Shipping — BigskyASICS.com

Cool cool. Been going back over Vosk’s video posts looking at all the places he suggests. Looking at them right now.

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No pressure, hope you find a good price for one.

I just checked bitmain’s website and they’re in stock.

The original link I used last night showed they were out of stock. I got back on through a different link and they were in stock.

so what Aaron didn’t tell you is bigskyasics is his company and we have not vetted them…

Here’s the updated Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro link to buy directly from bitmain


Appreciate the info! I love the mark up Aaron. A little ridiculous. I love the price gouging! The world we live in! Thanks a TON, VOSK!


I’ve purchase six S19j Pro’s from East Coast Mining eastcoastmining.com.
Highly recommend.

Hello. I am currently selling a brand new S19 pro 110th/s. I’m located in the Midwest. Inbox me if you are interested.

Any specifics you are willing to share? Lead Time? Purchase price per unit? Purchase date?

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What are you asking?

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Still waiting VoskCoin

Please check out the link. Thanks

Is there a video about the process for buying on BITMAIN, VOSK? I have complete the request for my S19J Pro 104TH on their sight. I do not have a passport so my wife had to do the identity verification. Is there a more stream line process. I have $15k and see they will ship in 5 days. If someone has a new one in the US and will take $13K I would rather do that. I just want to assure I do everything correctly and get what I am buying. I am having a new 220 panel box put in next week and want to have my miner, at least, ordered.

Hello everyone, my first post here…
Is this link legit? Isn’t strange that they have only one device?

I am trying to get an ASIC miner in Croatia (Europe) and after checking all the Manufacture and Vendors from asicminervalue.com, I almost gave up (I can’t be sure that any of them are not a scam) but than I read this threat and jumped to the site of Bitmain.
Should I trust the Bitmain guys and buy the device for 11,400$?

Thank you for any advice

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Start your account identity verification now. I got a direct link from VOSK. I am just waiting to be vetted and boom I’m buying that bad boy!

I’ve bought from ASIC Marketplace and they are very good. Here’s a link and they have it in stock.

Danny Legare.

How quick is there verification process? I am waiting on BITMAIN to verify my identity so i can order.

I am new to mining and I started following Vosk on youtube, this has been so informative. Then I got https://www.bigskyasics.com/ on this thread, I called and the owner Aaron answered my call. He thought me so much and he was straight up honest, I look forward to ordering my first miner through him. Now I need to find a collocation for my miner before I order.