Looking to trade new Mini Doge for new CK Box

Anyone interested in trading new miners? I have a new Mini Doge coming because I was unable to get a CK box. Figured I’d try to trade it before mining since I am a fan of Nervos, not such much LTC or DOGE.

Doubt I’d get any takers. Looks like I’ll mine LTC and convert to BTC.

Thanks anyways!

Yea, there’s a big difference in their profits right now. $1.62 vs $3.79.
Also try Litecoinpool if you are just going to convert it’s profits to BTC. You get paid out in just LTC (they convert the doge payout to LTC too). Saves converting both.

I posted when ckb was like 0.02, so it was more comparable, but yeah I completely understand.

What wallet do you mine your LTC into?

For now I’m mining it to Coinbase - but my KDA is going to Zelcore. So I may just move LTC and Doge there eventually since it takes them too. I have HNS and LBC In Dxpool I need to deal with though. I’d love to have 1 wallet to manage all of this.

I use Neuron for CKB. I was thinking of crypto.com, trust or Exodus wallets. Not sure how any of them are though.

I have crypto.com and exodus (because it ties in with trezor) they both work very well. I’ve used the exchange on exodus a few times and it’s worked well for me also.