Looks like bunch of KDA miners are liquidating ther holdings

Are you seeing how fast it’s dropping compared to other crypto? Looks like majority are capitulating their holdings! This is how I feel right now…



Hahah man I know I am looking at cryptos and stocks and wish I just had the capital to deploy!!


Lol mighta had the capital if a certain someone had shipped some miners…


It’s all tanking at the Moment… great time to buy.

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I was thinking the same man

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5.61 cent right now I just got off the charts. Unbelievable. I got 10 k for kd6 :rofl:

Shots fired across the bow

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Soon man let it hit 3.50 and then buy

eBay index…

“217 results for kd-box”


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I saw the writing on the wall when it hit $15 and got out. I got in at $1 so I figure I’d take my gains pay off some miners and buy the dippidy dip

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217? Wow……

I feel for the kda miners right now