Lt5 Pro and Mini Doge

I need advice. I have a Goldshell MiniDoge and just setup an LT5 Pro, both on DXPOOL. But it only shows1 is active on dxpool. Should they show as 1? The mini was fine before I setup the LT. and it’s definitely picked up, it’s at 2.19 GH/s. How would I know both are functioning properly?

it should show 2 active miners

Any chance you named them the same worker name? I’m not sure if that would matter or not.

Hi, when you setup DxPool on your miner, use your “account name” and then a “.” then the name of your miner, like “miner.LT5Pro” or “miner.Doge1” or “miner.Doge2”, then it will show each separate miner in DxPool site. “miner” is your account name.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

That worked perfectly! Thanks for the advice. Any ideas on how I can log into my goldshell STbox miner? When I use goldshell find myminer, it can’t seem to log in. It won’t load.

If it has its own hotspot then you can get on that and type the ip in the search bar. If you don’t know it you can try

I haven’t had that problem yet, I would unplug miner and try to go to “find my miner” again to see if it pulls up, make sure miner is on the same router as your computer.

I unplugged it, and tried it again, thanks. Working great now.

Haha…I’ve always learned to unplug/restart computers if there is ever a problem.