withdrawal problem

Hi guys. I have a dreadful scenario right now. I recently went to, purchased a mining package worth 0.5 LTC and it managed to mine up to 0.73 LTC. I withdrew about 0.26 LTC 8 days ago, then today went I was about withdraw 0,44634381 LTC. It gave a message saying that there’s an error that occured and that I should contact the administrator of which it’s useless because there’s no reply that will come to my email. Then I had to resort to withdraw the 0,44634381 LTC in two halves which didn’t work, then withdrew separare minimum amounts of 0.015 LTC. I only managed to withdraw those minimum amounts twice, but after that I couldn’t withdraw more litecoin again. So now I’m so flipping stressed but keeping a straight face.

I really REALLY need some help…

let this be a learning lesson. anytime the company promises you an outrageous return, you will pay for it dearly if not now, then later. you didn’t even lose a lot. just move on and forget about it.

Welcome to the world of cloud mining, take it as a life lesson in crypto. Just know your not alone in this lots of forum members are being scammed out of thousands though scam sellers and sites.

I lost 1400 rands which is the currency here at home in South Africa. Currently it’s about 92 US dollars. On top of that I thought of using the to get enough coins, sell them, then buy a Whatsminer M3X on in my country which is for sold for 9500 rands, which is currently 623 US dollars or even a S9 (13.5TH/s) ASIC miner for about the same price on the Bidorbuy website.

Truthfully…don’t get me wrong and I mean no disrespect…but it seems like in the US, you’d think 92 US dollars is small money, even so I almost had an anxiety attack because of that crypto rug pull I had witnessed. That 92 US dollars is not so insignificant on my side hey. Days have passed since then and honestly I just wanna start mining on my laptop, smartphone and desktop. I haven’t slept properly thinking of ways for how to get up to 100 US dollars at the very least.

Believe me, I’m looking into every way possible.

Hahaha lol :sweat_smile: I have indeed. Everytime I read your message it gives a smile on my face at least…something to laugh about while NOT worried about the money I lost. And just know that I invested my own money into buying some Litecoin before that crypto rug pull I got. I actually got careless at some point coz I withdrew the interest on top of the Litecoin that I used to buy the mining package but I didn’t withdraw the Litecoin amount I invested in two halves whenever each half was reached while it mined because I was worried mostly about the network fees.

Lol indeed, well it still stings a bit mentally and spiritually but I’ll live.