LUNA isn’t dead

Just saying, looks like it’s making a comeback. I’m up 60% from my initial investment starting from the time of collapse :eyes:

Many people have said that LUNA is completely dead. Looks like they were wrong :tipping_hand_man:t2:

gonna be intresting to see where it ends, gotta keep a eye on Luna/lunc + Ustc (Terraclassicusd) , as long they keep going up its a thing to watch

Happy for you :grinning:. Glad to see someone doing ok following that debacle. I wish I had held on. Sold out a bit before the bottom and just rolled proceeds into USDT, which then went promptly into AVAX. Oops.

Its shot right up.I’m gutted as I was really into exchanging some of my crypto for Luna2 and I looked today and its risen to 48%. Nice one

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Luna2? You mean LUNC?

We all know what I’m referring to. Try not to be such a smartass, brown nose kid

Not really there are at least two tokens in that ecosystem :clown_face:

If you can’t figure out the obvious then don’t bother entering the conversation :clown_face::poop::clown_face:

No, you’re just being a smartass that’s all lol.
Ps you’re not this forum’s gatekeeper so keep that act down a little :clown_face:

This is my post and you entered it. Kick rocks, sad boy. Your opinion is not welcomed :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

You must be new here, haha