Luxor firmware new Advanced thermal management

This is pretty cool, I think Braiins also has something similar from what I’ve read although I have not personally used theirs.

This makes it easier to use a miner as a heater using stock fans. From memory I had previously tested Luxor on my S19 J pro 104th to run under 900 watts at 23.5 watts/TH, if memory serves me correctly.

So say you set your fans to run 20% so its not too loud in your house, or whatever speed you want. If the standard 104TH profile gets to 65 degrees, it will underclock itself until it gets to 60 degrees and will keep doing that until it is running at the target 60 degree temps. So it might start at 104TH but could underclock itself to 40TH/900 watts. Making it easier for home miners