Machines Profitability?

So beings that I am still new to this, I’m hoping to get some of you experienced veterans in here to help. When trying to pick the right machine to buy I know many things factor in, electricity, machine price etc… but what I’m concerned about is what happens after using the same machine for 2 years??? Is it’s profitability decreasing, does the machine itself start running slower, is it harder to find firmware upgrades? So in other words it usually takes 1-2 years to pay off the larger asic miners but I haven’t come across anyone talking about the long term and how it has affected them. Ultimately it’s what you are willing to risk and this I know but like I started, I’m hoping some of you more knowledgeable experienced people will chime in and help us newbies figure this part out.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and possibly sharing your input.

Well really if you plan on mining long term you going to want and up grade asic every year to two to keep up with new asic and difficultly so in end youll almost roi in a year or two then sell the asic for half what u paid make a bigger profit and get next asic in line rinse and repeat (if u go to couple thread low i explain little more detail)

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I’m definitely approaching this long term. Now I’m just trying to make the right choices on the machine selection. If there weren’t so many options it would be easier but probably not as fun. Thanks for your info