Made a Upstream data black box out of a broken chest freezer - 85 decibels down to 60 decibels

Firstly I’d like to thank Upstream Data for publicly sharing the building plan for their black box. I’d happily send them enough bitcoin so they can buy themselves a carton of beer. Cheers lads.

I put my L7 into the box and as the title says the noise level went from 85 decibels to 60 decibels. Once I shut the garage door you can barely hear it compared to before I could hear it down the road a fair way. In terms of temperature - It’s currently Australian winter and the max temp outside has been 14 degrees Celsius so at the moment the Inlet temp has maxed at 55.47 degrees and outlet has maxed at 78.69 degrees. I had a fan blowing into the inlet for a while and the temp maxed at 53 degrees inlet. in comparison outside the freezer it was 37 degrees inlet and from memory was somewhere in the 50’s for the outlet temp.

It’s sure as shit not perfect and an interior designer would call it a crime against humanity, but I plan on making the inside look a lot more attractive with some soundproof wall foam and hopefully get the sound as low as I can. I have also ordered a dust filter for the side vent so all air going in should be clean and keep the miner clean.

So while saying all of this on the Bitmain website theres no guide on the max temps, but all the other miners range upward of 90 degrees. So this wont kill my miner will it? in the summer I understand it could but these temps should be fine?

Instructions I found at UpstreamData-DIY-BlackBox · DIY Guide for a BlackBox ASIC enclosure. (

Nice! That’s a significant noise reduction. I use cheap coolers that I got off of Amazon and I’m only getting ~10-11 db reduction - mainly because there’s not much mass to the coolers to absorb sound.

That said, it’s a big setup. One of those broken freezer chests per rig would take up a lot of floor space. Also looks like an immersion setup just waiting to happen.

My recommendation is not to use acoustic foam to line the chest. Reducing sound in an enclosure requires mass. I’d consider using automotive sound deadening. It comes in different thicknesses and is relatively heavy (though thicker = pricier per sq cm), while being easy to use. Get the generic stuff off of Amazon; no need for a name brand.

If by chance you ever did consider immersion, note that removing the auto sound deadening is a complete pain in the @ss.

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Thanks legend. it sure is a big hunky setup but everything was made from left over scraps so in my case the $0 is worth the extra room. I’m pretty sure if I had 2 L7’s they would fit next to each other , a goldshell X5 fits next to it but it is too short and allow the heat to blow back over the top, whereas theres no gap between the L7 and the freezer lid. I have a shipping container thats going on my farm land and when the electrical work gets done for that I wont be so concerned about noise, it’s just my mrs is about to pop another kid out in the next 48 hours and want everything nice and quiet haha!

Thanks for the recommendation on both the automotive sound deadening and immersion cooling. I have seen immersion cooling on YouTube and I think I am more than capable of putting that together but I dont want to do something wrong and have the warranty voided. might try it on a goldshell X5, I wont be so heart broken if I wreck one of those. I did not consider automotive sound deadening, I will look into that. Much love <3

$0 cost is always a good thing. Yeah, I wouldn’t experiment with an L7 either. That X5 would do the trick. Admittedly, I haven’t done it either, but engineering an immersion setup doesn’t look particularly difficult. The difficult part would be making it as efficient as possible.

Congrats regarding the upcoming birth! I hope that everything goes smoothly for Mrs. ShredZ and the baby. I’m an oldster. Our youngest just left for university yesterday. Now it’s just Mrs Zilina and me.

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Thanks legend. Wow that’s really nice for your youngest. I envy you, you must feel really accomplished with that. I’m in my late 20’s and this is my third child, looking forward to getting in the position you’re in!

Just an update with the freezer, I was just triple checking everything and I realized i had a 10mm gap between the miner/foam blocks and the roof. so I got more foam to fit and the temps of the miner has dropped back to max temps of 44.46 degrees inlet and 68.68 outlet. So some hot air must have been blowing back over the top of the miner and going through the inlet again. Silly me but I am really happy that the box is only an additional 7 degrees compared to outside the box. Also forgot to mention I keep an Elide fireball on top of the freezer so I don’t burn the house down. Has been great fun with this little DIY

I put in some more work into it - one hash board is 42 degrees and the rest is under 40. I can’t upload the video here but I put it on reddit