Maison Reserve & Co. Scam or Legit?

So I was referred to this site by someone who claimed to have a stake in it. I read their site and it sounds like a lovely plan and a genuinely good idea, but after digging it seems the only people talking about and promoting them are… themselves. There are various articles on sites like Yahoo! Finance talking about what this group is doing, but it seems like all these were generated directly from Maison Reserve & Co and pasted on these sites. Red flag.

I also tried to buy $25 of the token. They claim to have a way to return the tokens and get a refund during the pre-sale, but I haven’t tried it. I looked up the token on Etherscan, and couldn’t find any with the ticket MRSV. Additionally, the site claims its in the process of sending the tokens to my wallet.

Just wondering if any of you have heard of this, what to typically expect during a pre-sale. (are tokens still listed on blockchain viewers like Etherscan during a pre-sale?) At first I was excited cause this seems like a pretty unique idea, but now with lack of real concrete info around this token and the creators, I’m starting to become a little cautious.

Figured I would spread the word and see if the VoskCoin community had any input.

Pretty sure this is a scam, so watch out everyone!

Who were you talking to about Maison Token? Their contact address is right at the top of the page.


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