Make Money With AI? ChatGPT Investing in Stocks and Trading Crypto!

ChatGPT and AI are becoming the new wealth gurus outtrading professional stock investors and crypto traders but of course new scams are popping up using ChatGPT but hey at least we can buy the evergreen chia miner to earn easy passive income! Evergreen

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ChatGPT is now trading stocks and girls are selling subscriptions to an AI girlfriend lol we are living in quite a crazy time…

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00:00 Trading stocks with AI now?!
00:28 What is the GPT Portfolio?
04:02 How to use the GPT Portfolio
05:29 The CryptoGPT scam?
08:11 The era of AI and crypto

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Make Money With AI? ChatGPT Investing in Stocks and Trading Crypto!


People getting hyped about AI: free stonks! :nerd_face:
worker: I dont need a job anyway…

ChatGPT and similar technologies are proving their potential, and they do seem to be outpacing some professional investors and traders. But, as with any fast-growing field, scams are unfortunately part of the package, so it’s crucial to stay vigilant and do your homework.Speaking of AI in trading, I’ve come across Granimator recently. It’s an AI trading tool that caught my attention because of its ability to provide valuable insights and assistance in making trading decisions. It’s like having a knowledgeable partner in your trading journey.

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ChatGPT might provide some insights, but remember, there’s always a level of risk involved.

That sounds like an interesting venture, just like when I delved into using AI tools for investing. I started by learning about stock market trends and experimenting with trading strategies. It was a bit intimidating at first, but with patience and persistence, I managed to see some positive returns. Using AI to analyze data and make informed decisions is definitely a smart way to explore how to make money in the financial world.