Make MORE MONEY Trading! MEV Explanation and CowSwap Guide!

Ethereum gas fees are crazy, and on top of that are things like invisible DEX taxes and MEV profits! How can you make more money with every trade? Are miners really extracting value from crypto traders? CowSwap and MEV guide! Subscribe to VoskCoin for the best crypto content!

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Cryptocurrency airdrops are a great way to earn passive income for FREE by just participating in various crypto projects! Over the last year, there have been so many airdrops that it’s difficult to keep track - so make sure you are involved in various projects to help yourself become eligible! CowSwap’s $100 million airdrop has made waves, with some people making over $100,000 from it! Let’s take a look at what CowSwap and the CoW protocol are, how you can maximize your trades to ensure you’re saving and making money, and how to avoid MEV and the silent profits that it takes from you and your crypto gains!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 New airdrops worth $100k!
00:47 Who did this crazy $100m airdrop?
01:49 What is CowSwap?
03:03 What is MEV and how does it affect trading?
04:55 How CowSwap saves you money
08:09 Vitalik Buterin explains MEV
10:10 Lowering fees on ETH
10:54 How to swap on CowSwap
14:20 KuCoin is giving away $250,000!
14:51 CowSwap Airdrop & token
16:11 CowDAO governance
17:49 Save money on ETH with CowSwap

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Make MORE MONEY Trading! MEV Explanation and CowSwap Guide!

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