Malware, gassy?

Hello Voskies- have an issue and wondering if there are better Blockchain scan readers here…

Did a simple swap for cake to eth using the eth chain.

Coins never showed… I’ve imported all the tokens to metamask that would deposit to, such as wrapped eth WETH…

Malware? Gas fees tax? Didn’t seem to eat up more than a few $ for gas according to my scan reading understanding…

Anywhere I should be looking? This is the eth address the coins were swapped to:

Nothing I recognize

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Could be super slow transaction times??? I doubt it, but its the eth chain. Always something wrong there… Ive used pancakeswap a good bit and never had any issues, but I don’t do a lot of swapping.

Thanks for the reply. To reiterate, that’s not a recognized wallet address. Anyone recognize the format?