Managed switch issues

Hello! Needed more Ethernet ports so went with the Cisco 48 port managed switch. Have the Eero mesh Wi-Fi encrypted system. Hooked it all up and the whole network crashed. Spent almost an hour being tossed around Eero’s help hotline to finally have a senior engineer say “oh yea Eero doesn’t work with managed switches”……. Awesome. So what do y’all use? Keeping the switch, getting new router system. Losing my mind having the internet down and having to pick favorites. Thanks so much!

You should be able to let your router manage all the connections. You don’t need a managed switch. You should be able to turn it off at the cisco switch lvl and use it as a hub. I know not specifically for your equipment and may not know anything at all. but you should be able to turn off DHCP on the cisco side and that may solve it.

I use a 12-port TP Link passive switch (only 5 ports being used). Works fine with my wifi setup.

be best to get unmanaged. managed will work but theres alot of shit to adjust to get it right @kate_perry
unmanaged will be easier as for PLUG AND PLAY and forget it

Does anyone have a recommendation for a 20ish port unmanaged switch with POE?

no need for even any switch just grab any router or hub which will work just fine now if u need a Switch , then try something along



TRENDnet TPE-30284 is good too

Unmanaged all the way, not enough data to make a difference

exactly , isnt a point for managed @NachLibre

Thanks, I had seen that Linksys mentioned in a few places but hadn’t seen if it was managed or not.