Martkist is giving away an entire masternode to the VoskCoin community for FREE! $600 value

Congratulations @Sd70mac you are the winner of this giveaway, please respond w/ your Martkist address within 72 hours!

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Now we wait :smiley:

Still waiting :sunglasses:

Hmm. This is starting to get silly :smile:

I have a suggestion who’s ever is still alive raise your hand. :vulcan_salute:

count those people, randomize it and on to the next project done!

:vulcan_salute: present :joy:

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: alive

not many members are active here many come time to time or if need some help

:raised_hand:t4:Yes Sir Present

Although that coin doesn’t have that much volume to handle… WTH… Let’s support it

Looks like this is the forgotten contest. May your mining be effective and efficient.

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:+1:looks that way

It was an amazing one, haha :smiley: