Merge mining vs Solo (Scrypt) - L7(?), Print Crypto Reliable?

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking at mining for a few weeks. Im considering getting an L7 from Bt Miners or Print Crypto. I know BT seems reliable but if anyone has used Print before please comment and share your experience.

I dont understand merge mining. is it mroe profitable to mine only Doge (or another scrypt) or is it better to dual mine two? As in, if i was to dual mine Doge and LTC, would that take away hashrate or anything from mining doge or would it mine the same amount of doge and just have LTC as a bonus pretty much? (I lean towards doge over LTC but am open minded and would mine whatever is most profitable and just convert to desired coin)
(example with simple numbers: say i can get 100 doge / day just mining doge. If i dual mine would i get 80 doge and some LTC, or 100 doge and whatever LTC?)

also in a much broader sense, does anyone have an opinion about rahter it would be better to get one L7 or two S19 pro? Im not super afraid to mine and hold doge/LTC and i know i could just convert it to BTC. but is there something safer about just going with the classic (BTC / SHA 256 asic)? The power/profitabilty of the L7 just seems so tempting, i expect it to go down some once the L7s hit the market but even almost halving im looking at roughly around the same break-even point.

i know this was a little long and multiple questions that arent exactly focused. So i really appreciate any comments and am excited to join the mining community. Thanks!


  • Scrypt Dual mining vs Solo ming - which is more profitable?
  • Is Print Crypto a reliable vendor?
  • L7 vs (2) S19 Pro ? / Scrypt or SHA 256 ?

Thank you!

1 Like is reliable. I used them to purchase two s19pro.

@cryptominernv Thank you! Did you have to pay anything extra from the price listed? Customs, Taxes, Etc?

I paid additional shipping fees apart from their list price. Other than that, you pay what you see on their website. no hidden fees.

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