Microsoft Patent Human Body as Crypto Miner

Bruh! wtf! this is kinda crazy right? would you get a micro chip implanted in you to mine crypto?

It kind of looks like more than just an implanted chip. I dont know a whole lot about biometric sensors, but i imagine wearing a wiring harness of sensors, while running on a treadmill and getting paid to exercise.
As it is written, “…leverages human body activity as proof-of-work.”, makes me think the mining process would involve physical activity in some way.

It sounds expensive, but if it’s going the route I interpreted it, i’d work out to mine crypto easily. Maybe it would actually get people off their asses… haha! It wont keep the carbs away though.

Will the chip only mine crypto though? Maybe it will also control your mind and turn you into a mind controlled zombie lol

Im not sure if they would have that level of control, yet anyway. lol Also consider the amount of hardware required to do that amount of control. Probably the best place to look would be to learn how cybernetic arms and legs might work and how much hardware is involved with wiring your brain to be able to use those parts. I can imagine similar systems would be necessary to gain that level of control over a whole body.

Though, I can imagine that a whole lot less would be required to shut down a human body.

IDK bro bill gates has some pretty crazy conspiracies starting to surface about him