Milesight iot ug65 outdoor gateway

I should be receiving my Milesight Helium miner tomorrow. Wondering if anyone else here has experience with it. Also just got shipping update for my M2pro for delivery Friday. Please share your input with these devices if anyone here already using them. Thanks

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Please keep us updated. I was looking at ordering some of these. They seem like a simple set up and small package.

sure will do

The milesight is not simple to setup in comparison to the bobcat and RAK.

It so far in 14 days has made just about the same as a BobCat.

Thank you for the info. I’m planning a few outdoor installs, I was thinking this would be easier than building a case, Poe set up, etc for the bobcat since I just need an injector and the hotspot. Is there something I’m missing or is it just tougher on the user interface side?

I love my milesight it’s crushing my bobcat 300

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Do you guys have milesight indoors. That’s where I plan to install

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Outside is where mine is

I’m looking at getting my first miner, but really don’t want to pay scalper prices. I’ve kind of narrowed it down to the Milesight UG65 and the Sensecap M1. The Milesight seems like it is more complex to set up but I like the outdoor use potential of it. I’m not a tech guy, but have some experience with raspi, and hacking video game systems lol. Basically I’m stubborn enough to figure it out. Was the Milesight setup significantly harder than something like the Sensecap?

Just received M2PRO early by 2 days. Waiting for Milesight later today

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Forgot to update this. I got both milesight & M2pro same day. For now Milesight still syncing. Not great pay so far. M2pro on other had is consistent as it designed to mine 10-12$ daily. But there withdrawal fees & fuel are something you need to take into consideration

I was wondering the same. Still waiting for Bobcat, was looking to buy the milesight and wanted some feedback.

I don’t think anything due to miner. just the payout are not great due to various factors

I’ve read a few places that you can earn $80 to $90 per day with mxc and dhx. Is this true?

why dont you link to those places you supposed to have read where you can make that much per day?