Milesight miner SUCKS! review

So let’s talk about the Helium UG65 Milesight hotspot miner. I recently received a Milesight miner from Voskcoin. After having it for a few weeks in my closet - yes, I’m a lazy person - to put it together and get it started, with the hopes of becoming a millionaire off of Helium ($HNT). But man, little did I know what was in store for me.

So I grabbed my Milesight miner, nice, looking box and all - By the time I was writing this, I had already thrown out the box; sorry, no pic - It comes with an Antenna (Pic1), the Milesight Helium Hotspot miner (Pic2) a power cord and last but not least an Ethernet cable - it’s a regular cable google it.

So first off, let’s take a quick run down on how it felt setting this up.

Setting it up:

  1. Unbox your helium milesight miner
  2. Grab a screwdriver and unscrew the back of your miner
  3. There are several ports Power, Ethernet, Sim, consol and a reset button
  4. You will need to connect the power and the Ethernet cable at least the first time you attempt to connect your Milesight miner.
  5. Connect the power cable and an Ethernet cable to the device
  6. Connect the antenna to the device
  7. Also, there’s this little plastic thing, that’s because this miner is waterproof so you put that there so the water doesn’t leak into the miner if you have it outdoors (Pic3)

Connect your ethernet cable, one end to the miner and the other to your PC, to adjust it so that it works based on wifi

After connecting, go to the control panel, then network and internet, click on network and sharing center, then click on Ethernet and complete the miner setup.

My experience with this miner wasn’t the best, the amount of returns we’re very, very low (Pic 4) on my 24-hour average and that was before crypto winter began, but again there are a lot of HNT miners in my area (Pic5)


The Milesight miner isn’t the best investment; I’d recommend a bobcat or something much better and more powerful. but to break even with a Milesight that’ll take you 10 years at the rate I’m dealing with, it’s a pain to set up; it takes forever to sync (Pic 6) on the network and crashes at one point or another, let me know your thoughts on this miner and other Helium miners out there.

I used these videos to help me set it up. Sources used while installing: 😡This helium miner is not easy to set up! Milesight Miner Set up guide - YouTube


wow! Did you not check the map before ordering to see who else was in your hex? I’m the only one in mine, and I get about 1.5hnt a month. The firmware has been really bad this month, so the rewards weren’t working for at least 10 of the 30 days. With 40+ people in your hex, you will only get 1/40th of the reward for that location. No wonder your returns are extremely poor.

Sorry to say it but with that many people also in your hex you’re going to have a very hard time with low returns.
I was the only one in my area until another came online about 3 weeks after I initially installed it.