Anyone have problems with million miner I ordered a KA3 from then in October for early December delivery and still havnt recieced it. The site even says to place a order for one now is 1 week for delivery and is in stock. Has anyone had problems with them? or is in the same situation first asic purchase and wishing i did it another way @millionminer

Hi bro . I ordered a ka3 a week ago, no DHL tracking and no response…

Gotta feeling they have them and are using them currently feeling shady about million miner, I used them because @VoskCoin has purchased miners from them before

@Kevin06 lmk if you get yours before me or atleast get a shipped status, tracking etc plz

Ka3s and K7s are just now starting to ship on orders that got in early. When did you place your order?

Federal reserve??

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Back October @AdamMoyers

I’ve never used million miner, but I don’t know anyone that has a KA3 yet. I know some people have been told they are currently shipping from various suppliers though. I hope you get tracking soon. I know what it’s like to get scammed and don’t wish that on anyone.

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i still didnt get mine from minerbros too, so idk whats happening

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@Chsear11 wdym

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Hello Voskcointalk Members & Customers!
My apologies for the inconvenience this delay caused.
Bitmain had some delay on the shipment towards Us,
so everyone with KA3 orders expected to have
a little delay in the shipping process.
Kevin your unit should be on its way already,
Mitchell yours going to be shipped tomorrow!
Again, apologies for all this delay, orders should speed up now.

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Most likely all resellers having same situation currently,
but finally units are moving out now it seems.