MimbleWimble Beam/Grin

I have finally gotten some time to do some digging into this and I have found lots of good things. Still looking for the downside but I feel like there has to be one or these coins would be more valuable imo.

I think that the inflation of GRIN is too high personally, and mimblewimble has not been a user friendly experience with them.

I think Beam is doing a much better job, just compare their wallets for example.

Grincoin has funding issues, and you think someone is going to be donating to their dev fund in a world situation/market like this? This is exactly why I support a small dev fee for coins.

Personally I think 10% seems reasonable, something ridiculous like 20% such as Zcash and Horizen is ridiculous. That’s why both of those coins have zcash company and basically zencash company that parades around as a nonprofit :roll_eyes:

Anyway long-term I’m really excited to see what beamcoin will accomplish, I think we will watch grincoin go to ASIC miners within a year or at the latest the next bull-run.

is there some kind of downside to not using the whole block chain like Bitcoin does? is there a downside to only keeping a partial record of the blockchain?

anyone here have some info on this? I just found out about it and am digging into it further now

I been looking into a little bit but only on the price…If you have the right machine like the innosilicon g32-1800 or obelisk grn1 or grn1 immersion(harrrrrd to find,only test units I hear are available) but check the profitablity on theses miners…If a miner comes out with 100gps or better…that would be nice…supposedly 70 gps mines you like $20 in Grin a day. So when that happens it might be somethin to look into.
I will know more in about 2 weeks if the g32-1800 test model is available and what it puts out. Since this miner never came to production I was told the unit may or may not have exact specs that were previously stated(just give me half that and I’m fine,just buy more units,heehee… till 2 weeks

its been popping in on what to mine in when you run a scan on several different GPUs

That’s exactly where I seen it…anytime I punch up profitability scale on a particular miner,this site pops up with a pretty descent pay raise on some units.