Mine ETH directly to crypto.com wallet?

Is it a good idea ? If not, what should I do ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I do and have been for months now. Not one single issue at all. Saved a ton of fees moving eth around.

When I need some cash I load it right onto my crypto.com card with zero fees and get instant cash back in their cro token anytime I use the card.

I have the one that requires the 400 stake of cro and I also use the spotify benefit. They give you the full 12.99 of the spotify subscription back each month as soon as it’s billed to that card. once again this is in their cro token. Only issue I have is that I bought and staked when their token was worth like $0.21 so my stake is uhmmm not worth $400 anymore but oh well. This is crypto. tokens go up and down.

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