Mineable or not after ETH PoS

I feel like I keep hearing all different things when it comes to the ETH PoW to PoS mess. Will the only thing NOT mineable be Ethash (ethereum) or will it be everything that is on the ethereum blockchain? I keep hearing/reading people saying “oh litecoin and doge won’t be mineable after the eth pos flip, get ready for your L7 to not run.”
Is that true? I thought that was a different blockchain. Help! Haha.

I’ve never heard of that. Those coins are on a completely different blockchain and ran off a different algorithm. This is news to me but then again I’m not the most updated guy when it comes to these things

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Ethereum will be the only coin that is no longer mineable due to the transition to 2.0. The other ethereum network coins that are mineable, will be affected due to the reallocation of hashing power. Doge won’t be affected.

Yeah, only ETH coins, nothing like doge or LTC or KDA or dash or anything like that. I knew something didn’t make sense but I’m just double checking.