Miner Cooling - Push or Pull?

I have been considering potential setups where the hot air coming from the miners is used for heating. To achieve efficient cooling is it better to push cool air into the miners or pull hot air away?

I recommend pushing thru the miners, only because I would rather not subject my fans to the high temps the miners kick out (140°F). But depending on the length of your service run you might need to look at your overall air flow system. Also when pushing are thru the miners you create a positive pressure in the duct work down stream of the miners, if you are using flex duct this is going to be key. Flex duct will collapse if it sees negative pressure

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what would the CFM requirement be to push the air through something like a Avalon 1246? I saw some silent inline duct fans that have a cfm of 1200. Wonder if that would be good for 2 or 3 machines?

Was thinking put a duct and an inline duct fan + box filter to the machine, each rated for 1200cfm. Add another inline duct fan for the exhaust side only if needed

Can the fans on the machines be removed, and just use the inline duct fans to push the air through, if it has a high enough CFM?

Got my miners running now in the attic, luckily its cool weather. Will do the duct work now, as I make it more sound proof in the coming week(s).

From what I have seen with the Antminer S19 the measured flow rate seems to be around 300-400cfm.

Just remember that CFM values will change depending on the air temp you are pulling to cool the heatsinks.

Also when sizing supply fans, you will need to know how to read FAN curves. simply picking a fan based on CFM will not guarantee you the right heat transfer rate.

you will also need to know how much static the fan produces so you can size a fan strong enough to push not only thru the miner but also all the elbows and fittings in your system.

Search static pressure loss in ductwork to read up more about it.


Keep the runs short = least amount of static loss
Keep the supply air cold = lower CFM required to cool the fins
CFM (300-400cfm) ← depending on the manufacturer (just dont take out the existing ASIC fans

All the machines I have seen, do a check to make sure the fans are operating, and if they don’t get a “response” from the fan the machine will not start running…If you are creating a whole new cooling system, you will need a fan simulator that tricks the machine into thinking it has a fan attached.

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Yes you can trick FAN by simulating RPM or you can use 3rd party firmware which is available for some machines where you can set operation without fans Braiins OS+ | Autotuning mining firmware for example for S17 or they now they have a Beta for S19 as well. There are some other FWs available too.

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