Miner IP address problem

Hello everyone. I move my mining farm from my room to the basement and I wanted my miners to run off a wifi extender i purchased. (Bought it because I couldn’t move the router.) Once i finished setting up the miners wouldn’t connect to the internet. I tried restarting them, factory reset, etc. So then I moved them back to my room 3 days laters to see if the miners are dead or if its the connection and they still work perfectly. My problem is they work when connected to the router but doesn’t work when connected to the wifi extender. Is this an IP address problem or something else?

I have mine connected to an 8 port hub and the hub connected to a wifi extender and it works perfectly ok.

They won’t have the same IP address when on the wifi extender you will have to use an IP finder to find out what the new IP address is.

I did use the ip finder when they were connected to the wifi extender but I couldn’t find the ip address. Only when they’re connected to the router do they work and i can also find the IP address again.

Make sure the pc/laptop is on the same network as the miners will be ie connected to the wifi extender.

Also the IP address should be the same as through the router but with the last numbers different.