Miner Running 24-7 365

I’m a noob miner is it a problem running goldshell HS5 24-7 365 days? Do we ever rest the miners?

Motors have to break down running 24-7??

The money makers never rest. You will watch and listen to them however. When you detect something ‘different’ in sound, or the hash rate, or see mice trying to live around the nice warm air, you will then step in and do maintenance and resolution. If all goes well that is only once or twice a year depending on where you have these air moving machines working.

Thank you for the response!

Fans are the most likely to break down, and temperature control is vital. If it runs too hot, it will stop hashing or run no hash rate whatsoever. If this happens then the log is not going to throw a specific error code at you for high temperature. It’s also a good habit to routinely clean these as dirt and dust buildup can cause a miner to overheat and shutdown.

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