Miners Deals email with "Guy"

So I have been emailing back and forth with “Guy” at Miners Deals. He said they no longer do escrow for their transactions. Only wire or crypto… I have heard/seen from many on this site that they have dealt with Guy before without much trouble. However, it seems a bit concerning that they did away with that extra layer of protection… His latest response can be found below. Anyone buy more than just one or two miners from him yet?


The miners are in stock so they will take 5 to 7 days delivery after payment is received.

We usually ship directly to the address of your choice.

We stop using escrow , Crypto and wire transfer are the only payment options at the moment.

they can run for more than a year before running into some hasboard issues.

Also if you buy new ones they have a one year bitmain warranty .

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I wont take escrow either. Its just another Paypal scam waiting to happen to the seller.

google EMPTY BOX paypal

the stories go on and on about how a seller shipped an emtpy box yet, the box at the post office weighted in at 25 pounds lets say. Well, Paypal nor Escrow companies have time for anything but to side with the buyer since the money came from that direction and they are saying that the seller sent an empty box.

Happens every day.

You’re better off buying from a supplier on Alibaba.com via Trade Assurance. MinersDeals is just another supplier who operates the same way as any other on Alibaba except there’s no guarantee and it’ll take just as long to be shipped to you. If you’re not going to go through a North American vender(assuming you’re in the US) then you’re better off buying from Alibaba. Just know what to look for to ensure you’re not getting ripped off

ASIC miners are not being sold on Alibaba anymore. They have a blanket ban on ASIC miners, so now the trade assurance is out of window for ASIC purchases.

That’s not true. I’m working with a supplier on Alibaba who’s based out of Shenzhen as we speak. I’m not sure where you received that information from but ASIC miners are not banned.

That being said, I cannot speak for other countries. There are certain types of restrictions on what you can sell and where you can ship to based on your geographical location. I’m in the US