Miners.eu is a scam

Sorry for the bad english I am from germany. The company’s website is https://miners.eu/

At the beginning everything was fine. I ordered some miner before and they worked just fine. Reviews were also good I don’t know how they did that. But it seems I have made the biggest mistake in my entire life. I took a loan and ordered 3 Innosilicon A 11 PRO for 66150 euros and at the beginning everything seemed fine.

The delivery date was the end of june, but the miner weren’t delivered. At the beginning of july I asked were my miner are. They replied that because of the trouble in China the miners would be delivered at a later date approximatly end of july. I called them today and they replied that the miner won´t be produced this year. So they made me an offer. 6 Innosilicon A 10 Pro with 500 MH/s per unit. That means half the hashrate for the same money. Seems like a bad invest to me. So I asked for a refund.

They reply was that they can’t make a refund because the company is in a bad financial status and telling me that I should agree to their offer. Otherwise I won’t get anything. No miner and no money. I will reach out to as many people as I can on any social media and review platform I can think of and I will take legal actions because these tactics this company uses are just inhuman.

I know I made a stupid mistake but please warn others so they don’t get scammed like me.

Other suppliers can’t get the A11 either. I would take the offer, since you don’t know when ETH goes to POS. Make as much money as you can, while you still can. Who knows what you can mine with them after POS.
Worst case, you can still sell the 6x A10.

I know that other suppliers can’t get the A 11 but it shouldn’t be so difficult to give me my momey back. I trusted that company purchased from them before because I thought choosing an European vendor is the safest option but as it turns out it’s not. And getting half the hashrate for the same price is not fair. I tried to bargain but no chance. They only said that I either accept their offer or I won’t get anything at all. That is blackmailing and I just can’t accept that.